How to plan your day perfectly

How to plan your day perfectly
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             how to have a great daily routine



Imagine waking up very easily every morning without feeling sleepy and then you start your morning with morning exercise and start doing the most important work of your day in a good mood. And when everyone else is waking up, you've finished your most important task and you're in a great mood. This means that your planning is correct and you have done the right thing so far. And this is exactly the planning of successful people that we want to talk more about in this article.

At the same time, there are people who, even though they have plans for each day, still postpone their work and cannot handle their work. So these people should think about reviewing their daily planning and strengthening their skills. Without proper planning, you can't enjoy your lifestyle, and with a lack of motivation and spirit, you will suffer from mental problems, and this is not pleasant at all. But our question is, how can we have a perfect plan for our every day?


Here are tips on how to have a great daily routine:

•             Design your ideal day: every step to create a personal plan

•             Master Your Morning: Create a routine for a productive day

•             Increase Your Productivity: Daily Planning Strategies for Success

•             From Chaos to Calm: Create a daily routine that works for you


Design your ideal day (planning): Planning is an important issue and has a great impact on achieving our goals and advancing our work. According to research, people who spend 10 minutes planning can save up to 2 hours. However, many of us neglect daily planning and do things without a plan and time management. Some people believe that planning is just a waste of time because these people have never had a plan in their life, or if they have, they have not followed it.

However, some people are always organized and precise and reach their work on time. Why? Because they have more time than others and have no obstacles or problems to do their work.

Make planning a daily habit. The first point to have a good plan is that you must first realize your goal. Not only on the days when you have a lot of work or you have to do a certain task, but you have to do the planning every day and continuously so that it becomes a habit in your mind.


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Master your morning: One of the things that people procrastinate about is that they see things as too big and are afraid to do them, so it's better to start and end each day doing something harder. You will feel much better. The book "Swallow Your Frog" also refers to the same issue that by doing hard work first thing in the morning, our path to success is paved.

Successes are achieved by making great days. Success is doing daily tasks on time, and failure is tasks that either do not come to fruition or are done incorrectly. In this case, if we do our work correctly and on time, we will achieve great and small successes.

Increase your productivity: The best thing to do to increase productivity is to improve the power of concentration. The work that is done in a short period but with high concentration is much better and of higher quality than the work that is done without concentration and in a longer period. In addition to concentration, another factor that can be effective in increasing productivity is creating motivation in the individual. Creating motivation and reward is another thing that increases your productivity, for example, buy yourself a gift after finishing your work or invite yourself to a cup of coffee.

By increasing productivity, you can advance goals and achieve predetermined goals.

From chaos to peace: By having a regular schedule for your work, you can prevent your mental worries to a great extent. When you do your work in a certain period and with high quality and turn it into a daily habit, day by day you get closer to your long-term goal, and during the day, your work is finished and you have more time to Dedicate yourself and your family.


Tiredness, stress, and procrastination are the results of not having a plan for daily activities. To have proper planning, there are important points that must be observed. In this article, we learned how to have a daily schedule, and by doing these simple tips, you will experience many benefits that will help you leave work on time and sleep on time at night. Time to relax, have fun, and do what you love is just as important as time to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of daily planning

The daily habits of famous and successful people are often studied and followed by others. Many books have been written about daily planning methods that are widely used by the public; Therefore, there is a common belief that what we do on a daily basis has a direct impact on our success.

Simple tips for daily planning in a working day

1. Write down your thoughts

2. Plan ahead

3. Organize your workspace

4. Do not multitask

5. Trust the 80-20 rule

6. Manage your email


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