Master Your Plans, Unlock Personal Development.

Take control of your life with the Reda time management and planning app. The personal development assistant to achieve short-term and long-term goals .

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Find Real Vision Of Your Life

With the Reda planning app, you can change what you really are to what you deeply want to be.

Reach All Of Your Targets

Focus on the work you are doing right now until it is completely done in a simple and reliable way by all in one feature.

Feel Time Passing And Manage Your Task

Get a quick perspective of how time is passing and how you act. Manage your daily time schedule and improve your lifestyle.

Accurate And Effective Statistical Results

You will see how and in which direction you progress.

The 24-Hour Planning App

Introducing our innovative online planning app! It's designed to help you achieve personal development goals within a 24-hour timeframe. Start with a simple daily To do list and effectively complete all your tasks and reach your targets. We'll track your daily missed and wasted time, allowing you to monitor your progress. After one week, if you successfully reduce your wasted time, you'll have the option to switch to a slightly more challenging plan. If you find the harder program difficult to maintain for a week, the app will automatically revert back to the previous state and a simpler level.


First real 24-hour planning and personal development app.


Define your targets and add tasks simply with a few clicks.


Easily categorize your tasks by targets and achieve all of your goals.


Focus on the current task until it is completely done or postpone to do it in a proper time.


Check your daily performance and see how you act.


Feel free to send a message to +90 552 664 5226 with WhatsApp and ask your questions.

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Why Reda?

Features that Reda makes you unnecessary from other applications

ChecklistBy installing all in one Reda software, you can have an online checklist to access anywhere and anytime and manage your To do list.
MultilingualReda users are from all over the world and that is why Reda is multilingual and supports several living languages of the world.
Basic Form InfoIn the Basic Form Info feature, the user is asked a few short questions , Reda can set the right time to do things based on these answers.

Hear From Our Customers

It's really clearly app with great basis for Guidance towards the right and realistic path for self improvement just I wished there are Some items too that I hope they will be added

It is a perfect and professional app which I have ever used for my daily activities. Thank you

Very useful app 👌 It would be better If you add some more help instruction to use the app

It was great. I can organize my schedule

it's so good and helpful for evrybody! I suggest you install😍♥️

Thank you. Your team is hardworking

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reda is a schedule and To do list online app that is essential for all people who have goals and can achieve them.