15 of the best and newest free lifestyle apps to improve in 2024

15 of the best and newest free lifestyle apps to improve  in 2024
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  1.          ♦   The importance of a healthy lifestyle
  2.            ♦ REDA APP
  3.              ♦ Trello
  4.              ♦ Todoist
  5.              ♦ Calendar
  6.              ♦ Any Do
  7.              ♦ Forest
  8.              ♦ school Planner
  9.              ♦ Pomodoro
  10.              ♦ Fabulous Daily Routine Planner 
  11.          ♦ TickTick
  12.              ♦ Google Tasks
  13.              ♦ Me+ Daily Routine Planner
  14.              ♦ Memorigi
  15.              ♦ Monday
  16.              ♦ Microsoft To-Do


In today's busy world, a healthy lifestyle is much more than nutrition and exercise. Mental health is an issue that may be very unimportant for many people, but you must realize the fact that you cannot live healthy without a healthy mind. And humans are exposed to thousands of different diseases.

In today's stressful world, we must take care of our mind more than ever. One of the most important things for the mental health of a person is regular and sufficient sleep, doing things on time, allocating time for fun and entertainment, etc.


Health lifestyle


Maybe these tasks seem very simple to people, but you will see the surprising result when you take care of all these tasks on a regular basis and make it a habit.

You should be very happy that you are living in a new age. Today, due to the advent of scheduling applications, it has become very easy to handle many things. By preparing and installing these applications, one of your most important mental concerns, which is scheduling and dealing with daily tasks, will end. This is just one of the advantages of using the scheduling application, in the following we will talk about other advantages of using scheduling expressions.

Reading this article may take less than 5 minutes of your time, but if you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you can increase the quality of your life from 0 to 100 and be satisfied with your life, which can be the most valuable meaning be your life.


The importance of a healthy lifestyle


Many people think that only proper nutrition and movement bring health to themselves, 100% of these things are necessary for health, but not enough. In fact, without enough sleep and a healthy mind, you have only gone half way and until the end of the way, you should also pay attention to your spiritual dimension. Unfortunately, in today's society, there are few people who give importance to their mental health, but you, who are reading this article, should start the change from yourself first.

In this case, the people who are related to you will also notice changes in you and will ask the reason. When you share your knowledge and awareness with your friends and family, this is how we have helped the health of our society. You can send this article to your loved ones.



Every healthy person needs 7 to 12 hours of sleep daily depending on the needs of his body. In addition to getting enough sleep, sleeping early also affects the quality of sleep because the body devotes certain hours of the night to the production of new cells when You want to sleep later, you lose the opportunity to produce collagen and new cells for your body. As a result, when you sleep later, when you wake up, your body feels sluggish and tired.

Sleeping and waking up at a certain time daily will regulate the sleep cycle, lose weight, improve memory, reduce anger, reduce the level of inflammation in the body, and strengthen the immune system.

However, we know that good sleep is necessary for our mental and physical health and that eating and breathing are equally important for us.


sleeping for health



As you know, 60% of the human body is water. Drinking enough water every day can go a long way in keeping your body healthy. As an example of its effects, we can mention improving memory and increasing concentration. The effect of drinking enough water on the beauty of the face and body is undeniable.

Unfortunately, people don't drink water until they feel thirsty, while getting enough water does not require feeling thirsty and a certain amount should be taken every day.






Planning tasks

Planning is a process during which we define goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them. All people in any job and age have a series of tasks that must be completed on time throughout the day and night. However, if people have a regular and accurate plan to schedule their work and allocate a certain amount of time to finish it, they have actually solved half the problem.

Now for this we need a professional tool so that we can plan our own life based on our own life conditions.



Stress Management

hronic stress can put your health at risk. Stress management is all about taking care of your physical and mental health. It's about finding ways to cope with life's pressures in a healthy way. 

Stress Management

There are healthy ways to manage stress, such as yoga, meditation, or spending time in nature.










Free lifestyle app

In the new era, technology comes to the aid of humans day by day so that they can create the most comfortable living conditions for humans. The same is the case with planning. Applications have been designed that can plan for people in all fields of work and daily life based on a person's personal life. You no longer need to worry about what tasks you have to do when and what deadline you have set for it.

Almost all people have experienced procrastination during their life. Procrastination will make you unable to achieve your long-term and short-term goals and will hinder your progress. When you stop procrastinating and do things on time and with focus, the quality of work increases. So, if you are thinking about progress, think about installing the latest free planning application right now and stop procrastinating.

You can implement your ideas by doing things on time and finally achieve your desires and goals.

Here are some of the best scheduling apps that can change your life:



Free lifestyle app : REDA APP

Reda app is one of the newest planning applications, so don't be surprised if you are hearing its name for the first time, however, Reda has been able to attract many users in this short period because the important features in Reda are all free. All people of any age can use REDA for daily planning and achieving long-term and short-term goals. Using REDA is very easy and. All users can learn new features while using the application.

By installing the Reda planning app, in addition to reducing stress, you will also minimize procrastination and get your work done on time.

Reda is an application designed for the professional planning of people and suitable for all those who want to improve their lifestyle and give themselves order and peace of mind. Reda reminds you of all the things you need to do during the day. Maybe you don't have to worry about these things anymore:

 Do all tasks end today?

How many more tasks are there to be done?

With Reda, all work will be completed in a certain time, and you can spend more time on your entertainment and your family. Experience a stress-free life and improve your quality of life with the Reda lifestyle application.


reda app



Free lifestyle app : Trello

Trello was one of the first tasks and tasks management applications, which over time has become one of the most popular planning applications. One of the most important tasks of the Trello application is planning and managing a series of work assignments. Trello is more suitable for complex planning, but you can also use Trello for simple tasks.

One of the best and most unique features of Trello is the very simple yet comprehensive use of this software, both in the Trello application and in the web version, which completely satisfies users.





Free lifestyle app : Todoist

The Todoist application is very similar to Trello in terms of use, that's why it has attracted many users, but in terms of appearance, there are many differences between these two applications.

You can manage your daily plans using the Todoist application. For this, just add and schedule your tasks so that Todoist will notify you of those tasks at the designated time. Then, according to the operating system used, download and install the version you need. In addition, you can use the web version of the Todoist software online. When using the Todoist application, you can discover its new features.

You should be careful that the free version of Todoist software does not provide many features to users, so you have to pay to access special features such as comments, activity, tags, etc.


todoist app



Free lifestyle app : Calendar

Google has made all of our lives easier, even in the field of planning, the calendar application can solve our simple planning needs. The user interface of the calendar is very simple and supports the Gregorian calendar. To use the calendar application, users can write down their daily plans and choose a specific time for the notification.

For example, you can plan for the next year right now and be sure that the application will remind you at the appointed time.


google calender



Free lifestyle app : Any Do

One of the oldest planning applications is Any Do, which has two paid and free versions, and the paid version provides more special features to users. However, in its free version, there are also useful features such as repeating tasks, sharing lists, attaching files, etc.

One of the important features of Any do is that you can categorize tasks and tasks based on time. For example, you can separate yesterday's past and future tasks and intelligently move tasks over time in the schedule list.


any do



Free lifestyle app : Forest

One of the most unique applications in the field of planning is the Forest application. Among the features of this application, it can be mentioned to help increase the user's concentration and use the pomodero technique. Thus, by using Application Forest, a large project can be divided into smaller tasks.

The concept of Application Forest is that if you stay focused while doing your tasks, your tree will grow, but if you lose your focus, your tree will not progress. And you can have a forest for yourself by doing your work with high concentration.

It is difficult to stay focused while performing tasks. By using the Forest application, you can increase your concentration and perform your tasks with the best quality.


forest app

Do you want an app to help you with your college and school assignments? We introduce School Planner application to you. In this application, you can write down all the things, including your daily assignments and exams, so it will remind you at the desired time.

Also, with this application, you can accurately record the details of classes, teachers, and exams. Support for colored labels for easy marking is another feature of the School Planner application.


school planner


Free lifestyle app : Pomodoro

The Pomodoro app is a scheduling app that helps you make the most of your time. The user interface of this application is very simple and beautiful and attracts users. This application with its attractive user interface, in addition to the timekeeping feature, also provides users with the possibility of registering and managing the list of tasks and tracking the completion of each one.

You can use this application with full concentration and without any distractions, complete your tasks one after the other and at the scheduled time, and finally see a report on how things are progressing.

Another advantage of the Pomodoro application is that you can do things with high concentration, away from any distractions, and without mental preoccupation. It is possible to set a break between different working hours and the ability to create and track a list of tasks. It also allows users to view a complete report of how tasks are done.


Pomodoro  app



Free lifestyle app : Fabulous Daily Routine Planner 

Fabulous application is an application to maintain healthy habits and quit bad habits. The ultimate goal of the Fabulous application is to instill habits that help improve the lifestyle and health of an individual so that all daily activities are monitored so that good habits replace bad habits.

Among the special features of this application, we can mention things like reaching your personal goals in only thirty days, tracking daily habits trying to eliminate bad habits, and building useful habits over time. With this application, you can create plans and goals for maintaining your health without any restrictions, as well as treat your stress and anxiety by offering meditation classes.


fabulous app



Free lifestyle app : TickTick

Another planning application that has been used by users is the TickTick application. The TickTick app helps you take control of your tasks and make the most of your time. With TickTick, you can write down your daily schedule and find out what is the priority on your to-do list, so you can organize your life.

You can also use TickTick for tasks such as lesson planning, goal setting, or habits to follow that are of great importance. One of the positive points of the TickTick application is its ease of use. This application speeds up the work for users with a beautiful and regular visual design and makes it easy for users to use.

If you are looking for a convenient, always available, and free tool to plan your daily tasks, don't miss the TickTick app.


TickTick app


Free lifestyle app : Google Tasks

Google, as one of the largest companies in the world, has offered various services to its users for free. In 2018, this company launched a new service for users to manage tasks. Google Tasks is an application for managing all tasks for the Android operating system, developed by Google LLC and published for free on Google Play. This program is easily compatible and coordinated with Gmail and Google Calendar and displays the information in those programs to the user in the form of daily tasks.

Also, the web service of this program has been provided by Google so that you can access the list of tasks and manage them from any device. In this way, you will be able to divide your big projects into small parts and start doing each of them.

Google Task reminds you of your tasks at the appointed time. So it will be easy for you to do all of them.


Read more: How can we overcome procrastination


Google Tasks



Free lifestyle app : Me+ Daily Routine Planner

The Me+ application is a self-improvement application that creates good habits in a person. Everyone needs to incorporate good daily habits and a healthy routine into their daily schedule. This application helps users to create good habits such as following a morning exercise program or personal discipline, and by constantly repeating these actions, it turns them into a habit and changes their lifestyle.

In general, if you are looking for a good habit tracker application, install the Me+ application and enjoy its features.


Me+ Daily Routine Planner



Free lifestyle app : Memorigi

You can use the free Memorigi app for a task manager, calendar, reminder planner, organization, and any other project. With Memorigi, you can create calendars, planners, and reminders, as well as set your long-term and short-term goals.

If you are a student, you can use this management application for your homework. Memorigi app will help you to stop procrastination to achieve your goals.


Memorigi_ To-Do List & Tasks



Free lifestyle app : Monday 

The Monday app is a powerful management tool designed to help teams stay organized and on track with projects. The Monday app is a cloud-based platform that allows users to easily manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members. And with features such as a strong and comprehensive user interface, it makes it easy for teams to be efficient.

The Monday app provides users with a set of features that make project management easier and allow users to quickly create tasks and assign them to team members. They can set due dates for tasks, add comments to activities, attach files, and view progress in real-time.


monday app



Free lifestyle app : Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do, as the name suggests, is a product of Microsoft. This free and functional program is accessible through the Microsoft website, under Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. All these features work with Microsoft account. Microsoft To-Do is based on the cloud, so if you change your lists through the application, you can see the changes with Windows platforms, so they are synced together. Like other scheduling applications, in Microsoft To-Do you can also create your tasks and do your work at the right time and avoid delaying your work.


Microsoft To Do



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best daily planner app on Android and iOS?

In the article above, we mentioned a list of the best apps for planning, which we recommend you read to find the right daily planning software for you.

What is the best application for doing group projects and planning?

redaapp is one of the most advanced applications that can give you countless possibilities for group planning and make your work easy.

What are the capabilities of the redaapp application for planning?

This application has many features, the most important of which are things like grouping tasks, creating reminders, and the possibility of synchronizing with your other devices.

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