How to stick to your plan?

How to stick to your plan?
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           ► Why is planning important?

           ► Why can't we stick to our plans?

           ► Ways to stick to the plan

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In today's world, all people who are in contact with society need a basic plan to handle all their work so that they can achieve their work. Many people, after going through the planning stage, reach a stage where It is very difficult for these people. This step is written in the same way as the program execution step.

Maybe you also know people who make plans but when the time comes they find themselves in the wrong place and situation. These people cannot even begin to do what they need to do at that moment, let alone finish it.

Stay with us in this article to learn a little more about procrastinators, maybe you are one of them!


Why is planning important?

As we said, nowadays people have a lot of work and mental preoccupations. Each human has tasks that must be completed in a certain time. Lack of planning causes things not to be done on time and people spend their time and energy on idleness without having any benefit from it.

In order to plan in an easy and efficient way, you can use planning applications, We suggest the Rada planning application.


Why can't we stick to our plans?

Let's say someone sets a certain period to work on an assignment, and writes the time 9:30 to 10:30 in her calendar that I will work on this task before moving on to the next topic. but When the clock strikes 9:30, the procrastinating person sits down at her desk, opens her laptop, and gets ready to work, only to find herself in the middle of a CIV VI match a few minutes later.

Why do you think this happens?

If we want to look at this from a psychological point of view, this person has an avoidance reflex towards what she has to do. Although this person had promised herself to dedicate this specific time to her work and devote all her concentration to doing that work, her brain escapes from doing that work.

Ways to stick to the plan

Using time management applications: Today, with the help of technology, many of our jobs have become faster easier, and even better. The topic of planning is not an exception from this topic. If you have never had the experience of using planning applications, it is recommended to download one of them. One of the newest applications is Rada, so don't be surprised if you are hearing its name for the first time. The Reda application with its capabilities can design a suitable program for you according to your life conditions, just enter some information about yourself and leave the rest of the work to Reda.

Don't be afraid to start doing things: You may not have planned until now, or you may be one of those people who plan but cannot stick to it. Having a successful plan and following it is essential. Starting a job is the most important and hardest part of it. In order to be able to do your work according to the plan, you need to motivate yourself. To motivate yourself, think about the things you like, for example, the sooner you finish your work, the more time you have to rest.

Another way you can motivate yourself to do the work is to set a reward for yourself. For example, say that after I finish my work, I invite myself for cake and coffee.

Avoid distractions: Suppose you are doing your university homework with your laptop, and at the same time your friend sends you a message and informs you about the marriage of one of your classmates, in this way, you are not only distracted from your studies and homework, but you also think that you Drop out and get married!

Of course, this was just one example! However, you should avoid distractions as much as possible and devote your time to what you want to do.

Rest between tasks: To maintain the quality of work and avoid getting tired, you can take a break between tasks, and use the Pomodoro technique to do this. Maybe some people are not familiar with the Pomodoro technique, so here we will briefly explain about the Pomodoro technique. In the Pomodoro technique, you must spend twenty to twenty-five minutes doing your work with high concentration and rest for five minutes. We must do this process 4 times and then rest for 15 to 30 minutes and enter this process again.

Lack of perfectionism in planning: Every person knows his morals, characteristics, abilities, talent, skills, and specialties well and knows what he is capable of doing; Therefore, it should plan quite realistically. The thing to remember is that you should never use someone else's program; Because planning is a completely personal matter and it is specially prepared according to the time and skill of each person.

Also, paying attention to the speed of doing things, the extent to which things are implemented, available facilities, etc. are very important, and in no way should a person make dreamy and imaginary plans. The only result of this is that he doesn't get to any of the planned tasks, and as a result, he loses the motivation to do things based on a proper plan.


Having a plan for daily life is the most important principle to achieve long-term and short-term goals, people who do not have a specific plan for work, life, education, and their goals cannot achieve success.

Sticking to a schedule can be one of the most difficult tasks for many people, however, if it becomes a habit, things will take care of themselves. Try to always have fun while doing things so you never wonder when it will end. In this article, we tried to help you stick to your plans and achieve your goals faster by examining some of the most important reasons for planning.

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