What are the to do lists in time management?

What are the to do lists in time management?
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to do lists is a phrase that is a familiar name among people who have set goals for their lives and make the most of every moment of their lives. In today's busy world, having to-do lists has become the key to success in overcoming life's challenges so that you can be more productive in performing tasks.

to do lists refer to a set of activities that a person is supposed to do in a certain period. This list is usually arranged in the order of priority and schedule, and it helps a person to plan more accurately. By having to do lists, you can move towards your goals step by step and approach realizing your dreams in an organized and effective way.

People use different methods to collect their to-do lists. Some people are used to writing their to-do lists on a notebook and paper, but others who use technology use special applications for this task, which are described below. We introduce one of the best to-do list applications.

You should remember that writing daily responsibilities next to each other does not necessarily mean writing a to-do list; Rather, if you want to achieve all your tasks and daily schedule, it is necessary to write your daily to-do list accurately.

You should also keep in mind that it is not enough to just write a to-do list, we must do it in a certain time. Using scheduling apps helps users to complete their to-do lists on time.


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Todo list application

If you are a busy person and you have a lot of tasks to do and you want to do your work according to order and planning, using a list can change your life to a great extent and give order and progress to your life. 

Using to do lists can save you from laziness. The features of this method include time management, concentration, and increased productivity.




The most enjoyable part is to do list

After we complete one of the tasks on the to-do list and reach the pleasant moment of ticking off the done work, we pave the way for doing other tasks. When you check the finished work, you would like us to do all the things on our list and check it again. By ticking the tasks one by one, the sense of motivation and self-confidence increases in the person and encourages the person to do the next tasks on the list.



Advantages of using Todolist

Time is the most valuable possession of every human being. When you start each day with a plan and purpose, you can make the best use of each day and carry out your work according to the plan.

Here are some of the benefits of Todolist:


The most important advantage of using Todolist

The first advantage of using a to-do list is to avoid confusion. Suppose you wake up in the morning and do the first thing that comes to your mind without having a plan, or maybe you forget your work and don't remember what you have to do now and waste your time. You have wasted your time without doing anything useful, or maybe you have done something that was not necessary at all and you could have done something more necessary and important instead.

Let's assume that what you have to do takes 1 hour of useful time to finish, however, without planning, you may finish the same work in 4 hours and waste hours of your time.

However, with a regular schedule, you can finish your essential tasks in less time. Writing a To-Do List for you is like an anti-amnesia pill, after taking it you won't forget your tasks and you can do everything on time and correctly. Without writing a daily to-do list, you will surely get into trouble and forget part of your daily tasks.


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to do list application: Regular planning

If you can prioritize your tasks in a regular and specific framework, doing them will also seem easier. You can review the tasks that need to be done and the tasks that have been completed. In this way, your mind is focused on doing important tasks, and if you cannot finish all your tasks, you will be relieved that the necessary tasks have been completed.


to do list application: Increase motivation

Another benefit of having two lists is increasing motivation to achieve goals which can act as a great motivational booster to make your goals clear and specific. You can convert your long-term goals into several smaller and solvable goals by using the list. What happens is that as you do each small task and get closer to completing the big goal, you will be more motivated to progress and move forward.

If you want to achieve your goals and improve your performance, you should tie your daily to-do list to an important, specific, and timed goal. For example, say that I have to earn a certain amount of money at the end of this week so that I can buy a certain product. Of course, try to write down your goals, because this will multiply your motivation to achieve your goals.


to do list application: Better time management

With a to-do list, you can manage your time in the best way and avoid wasting time. Having a to-do list determines the time to do everything, and everything should be done at the right time and finished at the specified time.

You can improve the quality of your work, increase productivity, and reduce stress by using a to-do list.


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  to do list application: Less chance of error

Having a to-do list reduces the chance of making mistakes. You can do everything with more precision and forget less details. And finish everything on time and when it is needed.


to do list application: Increased relaxation

It can be said that setting up two daily lists not only helps you to write down all the things you have to do but also calms your mind. With this method, not only will you not forget to do anything, but you can do more things with higher speed and quality.

In other words, having one or two smart lists removes the heavy burden of organizing things from your brain so that you can deal with things with more space and higher efficiency.


Characteristics of a Good To-Do List

The first feature is that you should write your important tasks in order and put unnecessary tasks in lower priorities. You can write down your goal for each activity to get motivated by remembering why.

  You can use graphic shapes or drawings to remind important activities or specify their type.

Break down long-term goals and activities into smaller parts to make them easier to achieve. Every activity should have a specific and appropriate time and you should consider some room for change and flexibility for it. Write the activities realistically and consider the time required and your abilities. Also, consider time for rest and other activities and try not to make your schedule too chaotic or too dry and boring.

Try to check your to-do list at the end of the day and see which part of your tasks you have not reached. One of the important ways to increase concentration and productivity is to do one specific task every hour. When your mind is focused on a specific task, you put all your energy into doing that task, and as a result, that task moves faster and more accurately. Meanwhile, when you do several things at the same time, your energy to focus is divided between those things, your concentration is lost, and finally, you see that your time has passed and nothing has been done.

It is better to write each of the tasks realistically and logically and specify a time to do each according to your ability.

In addition to the mentioned features, a good list should be flexible. This means that there should be time for rest and other activities


Effective tricks in writing a to-do list

1. Determining the number of daily tasks

If the number of daily tasks is high, it leads to congestion and unfinished tasks. Determining the maximum number of daily tasks will help you maintain the quality of doing things.

2. Using free lifestyle app in to-do lists

To increase motivation, you can add encouraging pictures or signs to your tasks. This can give you more motivation to perform tasks. Use a variety of techniques such as using colors or symbols to make tasks look cleaner, etc. Also, planning applications can be much more effective than the paper and pen method because these applications have built-in features that can increase the motivation of the user and also manage the tasks and tasks of the user in the best way.

3. Use of labels or tags

Use labels or tags to group tasks or identify specific topics. Tags help you find related tasks easily.

Using these tricks, you can make the best use of your to-do list to manage tasks and be more productive


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How to write a to-do list?

If you want to start writing a daily to-do list but don't know how to do it, just:

Swallow your frog first; That is, do the most difficult work before anything else; Because doing it at the beginning of the day takes less energy from you and you can get to your other tasks during the day.

Get help from programs, software, and applications for writing daily to-do lists; These programs have different features and help you progress in writing a daily schedule.

 Know the reasons for doing each task and why it is important; If you know why you should do something and what is the advantage of doing it, you will do your work with more motivation.

Get help from the Eisenhower matrix; Remove unimportant and worthless tasks from your list. Based on this matrix, you should separate urgent and important tasks, important and non-urgent tasks, urgent and unimportant tasks, and non-urgent and unimportant tasks from each other.

 Write a list for each day and each week; Identify three important tasks each day and focus on completing these tasks; At the end of each working day, determine some priorities for the next day and then divide the priorities into three categories of low, medium, and high-level priorities.

 Divide large tasks into small tasks; Obviously, the workload is high at the beginning of the work; If you want to get the job done, it is better to divide the big tasks into small tasks so that you can do the work more easily and speed up the work.

 Be realistic; Create your to-do list realistically and the time allotted for each task is realistic.

 Get advice; Consult a knowledgeable and expert person to do the work.

 Rest; Take time to rest between your tasks; Doing things continuously causes fatigue and lack of energy; After a short rest, start again.

 Consider unpredictable tasks; Consider time for miscellaneous, unexpected, and unpredictable tasks, and do not be surprised or upset by the occurrence of such events; Increase your adaptability.

Avoid multitasking; Try not to be a multitasker and do not perform several tasks at the same time, because in this case your productivity will decrease and you will not be able to carry out your work with the necessary quality due to not having enough concentration.

 Steps to create one in to do lists

 The first step of analysis: First, identify the tasks required to achieve your goals. This may include daily, weekly tasks or larger projects. Try to write down all the tasks carefully so that no part is forgotten.

 The second step of determining the tasks: identify the tasks you obtained from step one and record them in your list.

 The third stage of logical importance: logical importance helps you to arrange your tasks based on importance and effectiveness to focus your time and energy more on key and important tasks. With logical importance, you can avoid overcrowding and focus on your main and important tasks. This will make you respond to your goals and importance in the best possible way. As a result, prioritize the list obtained from previous steps based on importance and necessity. Put more important and urgent tasks at the top of the list.

 The fourth step is to use scheduling: set a specific time for each task. So that you can manage your time in the best way.

Step 5 Use Subdivisions: Break complex tasks into smaller, manageable parts. Instead of trying to complete a task or project all at once, break it down into smaller pieces. Then distinguish each sub-item with a name or short description so you can easily refer to them in your to-do list. This naming helps you to quickly distinguish between different tasks.

The sixth step is to display the available tasks: put the list of tasks in the available place. You can use paper or mobile and computer applications for this purpose.

 Step 7 Follow up and update: To make sure things are progressing, make regular updates on the to-do list. As soon as you finish each sub-task, cross it off the to-do list move on to the next sub-task and add new tasks.

 Step 8 Fix mistakes: If needed, make changes to the order or details of the tasks to make the best use of the to-do list.

The ninth stage of productivity and experience: By following and constantly using the to-do list, you will get a better experience in managing tasks and you can increase your productivity.


The purpose of creating two lists is to be able to do our work on time and give ourselves order and peace. However, the best way to create a to-do list is to use planning applications, so get started now and install a versatile management application on your mobile phone. The Reda application is one of the versatile management applications. Once you install Reda, you will no longer need to use other applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is time management?
Time management is the coordination of tasks and activities to achieve the effectiveness of one's efforts. Basically, time management allows people to do more and better things in less time. You can schedule your time for your most critical tasks with the help of good time management.

What is a todo list?

A to-do list is a list that one by one we write our duties and responsibilities in, and by doing each one, we draw a line on it. simply !! You may have thought that Tudolist is a complicated tool that is very difficult to work with, but I must say that you are wrong. The simplicity of the concept of this todo list has caused countless people to use it daily and regularly.

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