Time management techniques for students - 8 tips about students' time management

Time management techniques for students - 8 tips about students' time management
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What you will read in this article:

  1.             ► Benefits Time management 
  2.             ► Making a list of daily activities
  3.             ► Study blocks
  4.             ► Avoiding procrastination
  5.             ► Find your most productive time
  6.             ► Identifying and avoiding wasting time
  7.             ► Sufficient sleep
  8.             ► Using time management applications


One of the main skills that students need is time management skills. If you are a student and you are confused about your homework and you can't get it and you don't have time to do it, come with us to learn ways to manage your time to study, especially during exams, by reading this article.
  It takes 5 minutes to read this article.
If you are interested in the subject of time management in everyday life, do not miss our comprehensive article on time management.
Benefits of time management for students
In general, the meaning of time management is to use 24 hours of the day and night intelligently so that we know which work should be done at what time. 

For some examples of these benefits, the following can be mentioned:

1. Reduce stress
2. Increase productivity
3. Improving the quality of the study
4. Increasing self-confidence
5. Increasing the motivation to learn
6. Faster achievement of goals
7. Better decision making



1. Making a list of daily activities

The first step to improving time management is to create a list of daily activities. Many students have the habit of doing their work in the last minutes with anxiety and without quality, and this causes the quality of the study to decrease and you have to repeat it. But if you have a list on your to-do list and Know the start and end time of the work, reduce your waste of time to zero by doing the work at the specified time.
For this, it is enough to prepare a notebook and write down your daily tasks based on priority and set a deadline for each task.
But this method is a bit old and classic, in the following, we suggest an easier and better method.

2. Study blocks

Use a period or the so-called study block to study. Intervals between 30 and 40 minutes are ideal blocks to focus on the study topic. But you can change these intervals based on your needs and abilities, in between these intervals you can rest or have a snack for about 10 or 15 minutes. This method of using time is called the Pomodoro technique. To read more, you can read the article about Pomodoro.

3. Avoiding procrastination

To avoid procrastination while studying, it is better to look for methods that can make studying enjoyable for you. For procrastination, keep in mind that not all methods are always suitable for all people. One of the ways to prevent procrastination is to find the answers to these questions;
Where do I focus more?
Where are my distractions the most?
o What things make reading more enjoyable for you?

4. Find your most productive time

Everyone has high energy and efficiency at a certain time during the day and night. Some people have more energy early in the morning and prefer to study in the morning, and others find it difficult to wake up in the morning, but they can stay up late at night, maybe it is better for these people to study at night. 
So, by knowing the time of productivity, try to do your important work, including studying, during these hours.

5. Identifying and avoiding wasting time

Pay attention to what wastes your time while studying and stay away from these devices during the time you have allocated for studying. You can use the time savings as a reward after finishing your study.
6. Special study place
Consider a quiet and suitable space for studying according to your mood. The special place for studying should be such that you are not distracted while studying and your focus is only on studying. If you choose crowded places to study, you will not be able to concentrate enough. And procrastination increases.

7. Sufficient sleep

Having enough sleep is one of the main factors in creating energy in a person. Normal sleep is between 7 and 10 hours, depending on the needs of your body, rest in this period so that the body has the necessary energy to do things. Lack of sleep not only reduces the productivity of the person but also endangers health.

8. Using time management applications

Today, technology has come to help humans in all fields. In the case of time management, there are applications for time management that students can use to schedule tasks and do their homework. These applications can provide us with information and statistics about activities and the time to do them.
Today, everyone has access to a smartmobile phone, so don't miss the chance to plan accurately and reach your goals by installing scheduling programs.


The following are the advantages of using this software:

• The possibility of creating alarms to perform tasks at a certain time
• Ability to create notes in the list
• Calculate free time to do things
• Help with personal discipline
• Ability to define long-term goals
• Prioritizing tasks based on importance
• Absence of errors in planning

   By installing a time management program, you can use your valuable time most easily and improve your lifestyle.
Reda application is one of these time management applications. The fact that Rada is free makes it superior to other scheduling applications. If you want to use its special features, you pay a small monthly fee. If you are one of those people who value your time and don't want to waste it on silly things, don't miss the installation of the Rada application.
In this article, important points about time management that students should pay attention to while studying were mentioned. If you are a student, share this article with your friends, maybe it will be useful for them too, and share your suggestions and criticisms with us in the comments section.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The first question that comes to your mind is this, how to study? To find the answer to this question, it is not necessary to do something strange and mind-boggling. All you have to do is pay attention to the techniques and tips that we introduce and teach in the following and do them.

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From now on, if you ask yourself how to study, you will come across valuable tips, each of which can transform your education.

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